Incredible Modern Home Built Using Four Shipping Containers

Looking for unconventional materials to build a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home? Designed by studio James & Mau Arquitectura and built by Infiniski, the unusual looking Casa El Tiamblo was developed using four 40-feet shipping containers. But as you will certainly observe from the photos below, the residence has a highly intriguing appearance, ranking high in originality. The blue containers give the home a playful exterior and a dynamic one as well. The interiors are surprising to say the least. Subtle rustic decorative elements and wood accents are mixed with modern furniture units. The result?- an elegant home, filled with warmth and inspiring decors, one that does not betray the fact that it was constructed using shipping containers. You tell us if you find this approach bad or good; to us, it is simply crazy (in a good way!). [Photos by Pablo Sarabia]